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Autodidactical Gratuity #001

Or, how to access Lynda for free* (*in Victoria, Australia)

Allow me, then, to smash the champagne bottle over this blog and get straight into the spirit of giving – with my wholly imaginary readership!

Today: how to avail oneself of a free Lynda membership in three relatively painless steps:

Lynda logo

  1. Sign up for an Eastern Regional Libraries card.
    (To reiterate, you’ll need a Victorian address.)

  2. Fidget wildly whilst said card is mailed to you.

  3. Sign into Lynda with your card details here.

Et voilà!

This selfsame card, incidentally, affords equally magical (i.e., free) access to Kanopy, where you can watch up to 12 films or documentaries per month.

Long live public libraries!

(And Victorian taxpayers.)