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'Honey, I joined a cult!'

Or, thinking better of same.

“The Cult of the Complex,” a recent article by Jeffrey Zeldman (founder of A List Apart), somewhat punctuated my programming progress this past month.... | Read on...

Canvas, Keyframes and Extrajudicial Colour Use

Or, programming a cat-adjudicated Pong clone.

There I was, hunched over my half-assembled Frankencode abomination (a chipper clone of Pong with potentially epileptic effects), and who should pass away but... | Read on...

freeCodeCamp Project Pointers #001

Or, vanilla-flavouring the freeCodeCamp personal portfolio.

Preoccupied, dear passer-by, with the freeCodeCamp personal portfolio project? Niggled, however, by the knowledge that the most nifty of your site’s features rely upon... | Read on...

Autodidactical Assist #001

Or, how to access Lynda for nix* (*in Victoria, Australia).

Allow me, then, to smash the champagne bottle over this blog and get straight into the spirit of giving, albeit with my wholly imaginary... | Read on...